JDB web based structured database cluster

Application-aware database

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JDB structured database cluster is an extremely fast database solution for web based applications.
It uses standard REST API with GET and POST/PUT.
The data can be inserted and retrieved directly by the client browser because JDB support user authentication/sessions directly in its database system.

The data is stored at a minimum of two redundant active-active nodes. You can add more nodes for increased read performance. You can also add more nodes for reduced latency by placing the nodes in data centers closer to the end-users.
A real time off site backup supporting roll-back to a specified time is included.

A plugin may be written and installed on the JDB system to translate database records into any structured form required by the client browser.

Combined with JDBs unique zero-copy technology and no front/backend, you can store, retrieve and process datasets of any size with close to zero latency.

The disk storage pricing is the total GB stored on all nodes (backup is free). If you have 5 GB in your database, the pricing will be for 10 GB for a 2-node setup.

Disk storage per GB
NVM SSD, high throughput NOK 3,-
SATA, lower throughput NOK 0.50
SSD, standard throughput NOK 1.50

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